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Highway 146 East
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Grantsburg, IL 62943
(618) 949-3311

Vienna Correctional Center is the parent facility to the Impact Incarceration Program (IIP) at Dixon Springs, which is located in Pope County. Designated as a Level 7 facility, the IIP was opened in 1990. The bootcamp philosophy is designed to provide a short-term program of labor intensive discipline to include programming geared toward improving self-esteem and discouraging further criminal behavior. The IIP is a co-ed program with a housing capacity for 284 offenders, designed for 50 female and 234 male participants. During FY 2003, the average age of offenders involved in the program was 21 years, with an average daily population of 239 offenders.

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Illinois' Impact Incarceration Program is an intervention program designed to promote lawful behavior by providing a structured, specialized environment that develops self-esteem, responsibility, and a positive self-concept, while also addressing the underlying issues that often lead to criminal behavior and substance abuse. The program promotes public safety and reduces the demand for prison bedspace by shortening the time successful participants would serve in prison.

The IIP was originally opened at Dixon Springs in the Shawnee National Forest as a prison alternative for first-time prison offenders under 30 years of age with a sentence of five years or less. During FY93, an additional IIP facility was opened at Greene County in central Illinois. In August 1993, the IIP eligibility criteria were expanded with Public Act 88-0311 to include second-time prison offenders under the age of 36 who received a sentence of up to eight years.

The first inmates entered the Dixon Springs IIP on October 15, 1990. On February 12, 1991, the first IIP graduates completed the 120-day program. The Greene County IIP was opened on March 15, 1993 and graduated its first platoon on July 14, 1993. The Greene County IIP closed on September 30, 2002. The DuQuoin Work Camp was converted to an IIP facility during the summer of 1994 and began operations on August 1, 1994; its first graduation took place on November 28, 1994.

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